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The Imepa ltd is the story of a whole family feats, people who formed the recent and most important episodes of italian pasyt times, and who faced them succesfully, bringing up a strong tradition for the products coming from earth, and for the traditional drying and conserve production system.

The Esposito family anciently settled in the fertile zone named "agro-nocerino sarnese", has beginned to deal with  dryed and minced hot peppers, becoming a little reality in this place at the end of the past century twenties.

Love for the impeccable manufacturingand the selection of the eccellent primary products, have incrised year by year the family products as much as to split the firm to become a real and personal brand La Macina Rossa, created in 1935 is a brand created for the pepper and hot pepper manufactured products.

A more rising market request brougth the firm to developt both in the empoyeed people number both in the tecnology and quality investments, two characteristic that make Imepa one of the most important european firmsin this field, apprecieted by the industries and the private labels, organizations who cares about a product able to mantain the old and real whole fragrance.


La Macina Rossa and La gustosa are the 2 brand throug them the Imepa ltd has decided to bring on the market a productive action that still feeds the dryng and preservation manufacturing of the farmer and popular tradition.

The happy marriage between  the artisanal products and modern manufacturing technologies makes the Imepa ltd, a  fathful partner  in the food sector, which deals with beverage and food manufacturing.

The drying process, on whose base are prepare the hot peppers and the peppers of La Macina Rossa line, is one of the most ancient of products preservation, able to protect and mantainunchangeable the taste but to defendit in a wholly natursl way, without arificial  treatments.

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La Gustosa, created in the first after war, include a wide and rich range of dryed vegetables and legumes,but also aromatics spices essential for e coloured cooking such as the Italian one.

Every primery material is researched in controlled and good places, in order to give to costumers and retailers the ingredients flavour as it was just put up from earth.

The byological and specialproducts are add to Italian rice diches and flavour dish to a mix of powder sausages and dryed vegatables, traditionally used in neapolitan cooking.


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